My dream has been the same since the day this began: build fitness in the Gorge. This area is a magical hub that brings a different breed of folks together. Our town is filled with athletes that love the outdoors, that love a rugged, challenging playground and strive to live life without fear and let passion be their fuel. I want to help them reach those goals today and for as long as possible into their lifespans. I believe we are doing just that: building strength and durability, teaching to jump and land and roll and how to properly train, fuel, and recover. We strive to make our environments welcoming, supportive, and fun so our athletes keep fitness as a lifestyle to support their sports, their dreams, and their long-term durability. I'm honored to be a part of these things for people and beyond excited every time I see someone from one of my gyms reach new levels of performance or wellness.

To all who I've had the honor of training or supporting their training in some way.. Thank you!
- Jeri McMaster

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Chalk Gymnastics needs a lot more space. 2019 we will be focused on making it a reality. We are actively seeking real estate partners interested in building a legendary training center for Chalk Gymnastics & Parkour

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